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Cost of Cremation in Georgia

While the actual cremation process is the same, there are differences in how the cremations are conducted that vary the pricing.

A basic or direct cremation involves the transportation of the body from the place of death to the crematory, in most instances, or first to the funeral home where the body is refrigerated until it can be transported to the crematorium. There it is cremated and the ashes or "cremains" are returned to the family or funeral home in a container.

Cremations may also involve viewing by the immediate family prior to the actual cremation process. In many instances, family is allowed to view the cremation or a portion of it.

Some cremations follow a funeral service where a viewing or visitation is held.

In Georgia, one can arrange a cremation for as little as $700, but added goods and services can exceed $2,500. The national average cost for a direct cremation – with the container provided – is between $1,146 and $1,542.

There are additional costs for different services, ceremonies, and merchandise, in addition to costs for facility and staff time related to selected services.

Urns can range from $12.00 – $1,300 depending on the material from which they are made. They are made of materials such as paper or cardboard as well as crystal, glass, cloisonné, pottery, stone, marble, wood, brass, bronze and pewter.

6 Comments to “Cost of Cremation in Georgia”

  1. La'Keisha Brown says:

    My mother-in-law just passed and my husband and I are on our way to deal say our last good byes. He will be flying in from Afghanistan on Thursday. We will be getting on the road from Ft. Hood Texas. I need some information on how this works.

    • Managing Director says:

      Budget will always be the greatest challenge in times like these. Unless your mother-in-law prearranged death care you have a lot of decisions to make and you will probably need professional guidance whether you can afford it or not from a local funeral director in Ft. Hood, TX.

      It would be worth your while to view a recent CNBC Special – Death: It’s a Living. Death isn’t just a certainty; it’s an industry, built around a set of rituals designed to ease grieving – and drive profits. Once bound by tradition, this highly competitive and little-understood business is reinventing itself for the 21st century.

      It will give you a fair and balanced look at the death care industry of today so you can ask more specific questions.

      I assume:

      my husband … He will be flying in from Afghanistan on Thursday

      Means your husband is in the military, and if so, don’t forget that you home base is always an asset to help you with these matters especial getting assistance from the local base e.g. like chapel services.

      MY best advice here is to “be strong” and if you happen to get into a jam don’t forget to advise the military where would they be without all the moms of this grateful nation if they had all said, “You can’t have my child!”

  2. Rob Howells says:

    No reverence for my body what so ever, looking for cheapest no hassle disposal of it

    • Managing Director says:

      Cremation only usually runs about $500 USD.

      • Callie Edwards says:

        My husband passed away yesterday. No insurance. He is a Veteran. I am unemployed. So we have no finances. I am going to have his body cremated. Is there assistance to help with this cost? Need help asap Thank u

        • Managing Director says:

          My condolences.

          Without more information is it difficult to advise but ch0eck with your local VA (

          Additionally, your husband’s most recent employer may have options, as well as, local churches and charities.

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